Block UV radiation with Precision UV contact lenses.

Precision UV contact lenses from Ciba Vision block UV Ultra Violet light from entering your eyes just like sun glasses do.

Precision UV lenses are not tinted like sun glasses, they are clear lenses, yet still absorb all the UV radiation protecting your eyes from UV light.

Precision UV.

Precision UV lenses have a high water content which makes them very comfortable to wear.

Also UV lenses allow oxygen to pass through the lenses so your eyes feel comfortable and fresh all day long. Lenses that block the flow of oxygen to your eyes, make your eyes feel sore, red and gritty and frequently the feeling of dry eyes.

With Precision UV the oxygen is allowed to pass straight through the lens leaving you with a fresh and comfortable feeling all day long.

The contact lenses are monthly disposable meaning you wear the contact lenses each day for a month after which you throw the lenses away and insert a fresh pair of contact lenses.

Six lenses are supplied per pack which is a 3 month supply of lenses.