Proclear biocompatible lenses also known as Specsavers Easyvision Monthly and Specsavers EasyVision All Days.

Proclear contact lenses by Coopervision are biocompatible lenses that have no reaction with your eyes, the materials used in the contact lens construction are not seen as foreign bodies by your eyes, your eyes don't try to reject them by creating protein and fat deposits or by making your eyes sore.

Biocompatible lenses are lenses which use a special material that the eye does not find foreign and try to reject it, the material used by Proclear for this is called phosphorylcholine a material which the eyes interpret as the eyes own cells.

Proclear, Biocompatible No Reaction.

Proclear are manufactured by Coopervision and are also repackaged as Specsavers Easyvision Monthly and Specsavers EasyVision All Days, but they are all made by the same company Coopervision, so you can still be sure of the same high standards wherever you buy Proclear or Easyvision Monthly or All Days.

Proclear lenses hold the moisture in your contact lenses so your eyes don't get sore or dry, this makes Proclear lenses very comfortable to wear all day long.

Proclear lenses are monthly replacement soft contact lenses and can be purchased from stock with next day delivery on nearly all prescriptions.

You can buy Proclear in various quantities, the larger the quantity the more you save, quantities available include 3 pairs, 6 pairs and 12 pairs.