Proclear Compatibles Multifocal by CooperVision discounted prices.

Proclear Compatibles Multifocal are made by CooperVision, these monthly replacement contact lenses contain 62% water and are a medium content contact lens which shouldn't rip or tear on insertion like high water content lenses.

Available online at heavily discounted prices when you buy in quantity, the lowest quantity available is 3 pairs which will last 3 months, right up to 12 pairs which will last the whole year and is heavily discounted.

Proclear Compatibles Multifocal.

Multifocal lenses or more commonly known as varifocal lenses are the contact lens equivalent of these old style varifocals allowing you to see near and far in one contact lens, that means you have to order these lenses as they are unique to you and not available from stock, it only takes two weeks to make the lenses so order today and be wearing them in a fortnights time.

When you order your lenses you will have to specify your prescription as near or far, this is because when you had your eyes examined and a contact lens prescription was drawn up your eyes would have been identified as near vision or distance vision and so you must complete this part of the prescription, other than that it's just the same ordering details as normal.

These multifocal lenses are part of Coopervisions Proclear Compatibles range and provide superb levels of vision in a contact lens, as good as glasses.

Coopervision are very big suppliers of contact lenses so you can be assured of the highest quantity and superb manufacturing from your contact lens prescription.

Multifocals sure beats having two pairs of glasses, one for close reading and another for distance viewing.

Treat these lenses as you would any other monthly replacement lens, use a contact lens cleaning solution each night to clean the lenses and remove any deposits or bacteria that might be present on the lenses after a days wearing, then after cleaning and disinfecting, in the morning insert your clean lenses, repeat for 30 days and then dispose of the old lenses and use a new pair.

Order your Multifocal lenses from the Proclear Compatibles range by CooperVision.