Proclear Compatibles Toric, the clearest contact lenses.

Proclear Compatibles Toric are Soft Lenses manufactured by Coopervision, these lenses provide the clearest image you can get without wearing glasses.

Astigmatism is a condition in the eye, when your eye cannot focus on a point causing images to appear blurred, but with Proclear Compatibles Toric to correct your vision you will have the best eyesight possible from a pair of contact lenses without having to resort to glasses.

Proclear Compatibles Toric

The toric name is because the lenses are slightly shaped into a toric fashion.

Proclear is the name of the Coopervision brand of very high quality, very high clarity contact lenses.

These are soft lenses with higher water content for improved comfort.

Proclear Compatibles Toric are monthly disposable contact lenses.

With a visibility tint, they lenses are easy to handle, the deposit resistant lenses will stay fat and protein free, and the lenses have improved hydration which will let your eyes breath.