Contact Lens Protein Remover

Protein Remover Liquid removes protein from both hard and soft contact lenses and is supplied in a reusable travel size bottle.

Protein Remover Liquid removes the enzymes that cause protein marks on your contact lenses.

Protein Remover Liquid.

Some people's eyes produce more protein than others, it's the body's natural reaction to having contact lenses inserted into your eyes.

Multi use protein remover is safe for use with sensitive eyes, use each time you clean your lenses or if your eyes do not produce a great deal of protein but you notice protein build up after a while, then you can just use the multi use protein remover when you notice protein start to build up.

Protein deposit build up can allow bacteria to form on your lenses, this can lead to sore red eyes and in the worst cases will require medical attention, protein build up also impairs your vision as you will be looking through protein build-up which can cause your eyes to feel sore and gritty, with severe build up your sight will appear smudgy or foggy when looking through protein build up.

Multi use protein remover is an enzyme cleaning solution which actively removes the protein from your lenses.

You can safely use this protein cleaner on hard and soft lenses, the lenses will not be affected in any way.

Clean and disinfect your contact lenses like normal and then when all done use the protein remover liquid.

The bottle is a handy travel size which you can take with you to work or school if you find you need a small bottle always available.

Multi use protein remover is the cheapest protein remover liquid on the market, there are many branded products which cost substantially more and do exactly the same thing (remove protein deposits from your lenses), why pay more for a brand when multi use protein remover does the same thing at a quarter of the price.