Purevision Toric continuous wear lenses.

Purevision Toric are continuous wear contact lenses for people with astigmatism, wear the lenses day and night for the whole month, then dispose of the lenses and insert a fresh pair for the next month.

No more contact lens insertion, no more handling, no more chemicals, no more cleaning, no more disinfecting, no more neutralising.

Purevision Toric.

With Purevision lenses you won't get sore eyes wearing your contact lenses all the time because day and night use is exactly what they are designed for, the lenses allow oxygen to pass through the lens and onto the eye, this stops your eyes from basically suffocating and is the usual cause of sore or itchy eyes when you have been wearing your lenses too long, but Purevision lets the oxygen through, so you can wear them all the time.

You save money too as you won't need to buy cleaning and disinfecting solutions and lens cases and neutraliser disks and all the other bits and pieces that goes with conventional contact lens wear, Purevision Toric makes contact lens wearing as simple as wearing glasses.

Save even more money and buy a 3 month or a 6 month supply of Purevision Toric and take advantage of quantity discounted prices.

Astigmatism is corrected using a toric lens hence the name of the product Purevision Toric, toric just refers to the torus shape of the lens.

Astigmatism is caused when a defect in the eye causes vision to become blurred, people with astigmatism cannot see a sharp clear image when looking at point objects such as the end of a pencil, the toric lenses correct this defect and restore vision.

If your fed up with all the bother of contact lenses and have astigmatism or been prescribed toric lenses then try Purevision Toric and free yourself from contact lens drudgery.