Bright Light for people with poor eyesight the USB Flex Neck.

The USB Flex Neck is a reading light for people with poor eyesight, if you're having problems seeing the keys on your keyboard or having problems reading a book and feel more light would help then the USB Flex Light is for you.

The USB Flex Light is powered from either batteries (when reading a book) or your laptops USB port when using the Flex Light to see the keys on your keyboard.

Reading Light for Poor Eyesight.

The USB Flex Light has a flexible metal neck which can be bent into any position that best lights up your book or keyboard.

The reading light comes with two different attachments, one for reading books and one for illuminating the keyboard.

The Flex Light is powered by 2 CR2032 watch batteries when used with the battery attachment and powered by your computers USB port when used with the USB attachment.

Inside the reading light are two bright LEDS, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, these are the small lights that you normally see on electronic equipment, in recent years very bright versions of these LEDS have been produced and the two LEDS inside the reading lamp will last for 10,000 hours of use, that's over 1 year when used day and night nonstop.

The great advantage of LED lights is that they are very battery efficient, they hardly use any power to produce such a bright light, normal lights produce light and heat, the heat energy is wasted and just makes the batteries go flat with this reading light the LEDS do not generate any heat and so the batteries last much longer.

At the top of the reading light is an on/off button conveniently located to switch off the light when not in use.

The reading light is black in colour and looks modern and attractive equally at home plugged into your home computer or attached to the top of your favourite novel, the light given off by the reading light is a bright white light which is very close to normal daylight, not the yellow glow that's hard to read by and produced by normal reading lights.