Renu Contact Lens Cleaner in a Travel Size.

Renu Flight Pack is a special size of Renu contact lens cleaner from Bausch and Lomb.

Supplied in two 60ml bottles with contact lens cleaner cases and a clear plastic zip bag you can take Renu Flight Pack on board aircraft without fear of confiscation.

Renu Travel Size contact lens cleaner.

The airport is such a hassle these days, shoes off, belts off, liquids in a clear plastic bag and if you have brought too much liquid it will be confiscated, when that's your contact lens cleaner, you know you're in for an uncomfortable time if airport authorities take your multipurpose contact lens cleaner, on a long flight you will want to use it, or at least open the contact lens cleaner case and insert a fresh pair of lenses into your eyes when they start to get sore due to the dry recycled aircraft air conditioning system.

But if you're forced to throw away your large bottle of Renu, you really will be stuck.

So Renu Special Flight Pack was invented, a handy size bottle that is used the world over at airports every day, and airport officials are used to seeing the Renu flight pack, so you won't be questioned or stopped or worse still have your contact lens cleaner confiscated.

Renu contact lens cleaner is a multi-purpose contact lens cleaner, it's all you need, you won't need separate sterilisers, disinfectants, neutralisers and all the other bottles of liquid you just know that airport officials are not going to let you bring on board a plane.

Renu contact lens cleaner will disinfect your lenses removing dirt, protein marks and fat or lipid marks, great for use after an aeroplane flight when your lenses will be teaming with contact lens germs and sore eyes from the dirt and pollutants in the air at the airport.