Save money on contact lenses with Reoptic 38, it will last all year.

Want to save as much money as possible on your contact lenses, Reoptic 38 last all year long.

That's right buy one pair of Reoptic 38 yearly disposable contact lenses, use a contact lens cleaning solution every night and these lenses will last all year.

Reoptic 38

At the end of the year simply throw them away and buy another pair, how's that for ease of use and the ultimate in saving money with contact lenses.

If your fed up with replacing your contact lenses every day or week then why not try Reoptic 38, it really is the cheapest way to wear contact lenses.

With 38% water it's a long lasting lens, but still very comfortable to wear, it won't rip or tear like higher water content lenses.

If your thinking of cutting back your expenses or even considering going back to glasses, try Reoptic 38, it's so much cheaper than glasses and you still get to keep wearing the contact lenses you like.

Reoptic 38 the cheap all year round contact lenses.