Contact lens saline solution for rewetting.

Saline solution for contact lenses allows you to rewet and rinse your contact lenses without the use of an aerosol spray.

Saline solution or more commonly known as tears is what your eyes produce naturally, this 360ml bottle of saline solution is the very same thing completely compatible with your eyes own natural saline.

Saline Solution.

Before you insert your lenses you may need to rewet your lenses to make them easier to insert, this is especially true of hard contact lenses, which can be a little thicker and sometimes more difficult to insert, with a saline solution you can 'lubricate your lenses' prior to lens insertion.

You can also wash or rinse your lenses in saline solution after cleaning to make sure the lenses are truly clean and free from any chemical.

You can also wet your contact lenses in saline prior to storage in a contact lens case, so when you take the lenses out they are already wet and ready for insertion.

The 360ml bottle has a screw cap which allows you to pour out the required amount of saline solution, aerosols are not as good as you can't pour out and exact amount you just have to keep pressing the aerosol until a puddle has formed, not very good.

To save money buy several bottles of saline solution at once, it keeps well when unopened and some good prices can be had if you can purchase several bottles at once.

If you suffer from dry eyes or just have trouble inserting your lenses, try wetting the lenses with a saline solution prior to insertion, if you carry a spare pair of contact lenses with you in a contact lens case then simply pour some saline solution into the barrel case to keep your lenses wet whilst in storage.

Saline solution for wetting, rewetting and storing your contact lenses.