Soflens 38 comfortable contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb.

Soflens 38 by Bausch and Lomb contains Clear Vision technology to prevent the build up of fat and protein deposits on contact lenses.

If you have been told that you suffer from high levels of fat or protein deposits on your lenses, then Soflens 38 will reduce or prevent the deposits from building up.

Soflens 38.

Protein and fat deposits are the eyes defence against a foreign body in the eye, such as a contact lens, the build up of these deposits leads to sore eyes where your eye feels like it contains a piece of grit or becomes itchy and red, with Soflens 38 and Clear Vision technology sore eyes due to fat and protein deposits becomes a thing of the past.

Soflens 38 contain 38% water and are a soft not a hard lens, hence the name soflens 38.

The lenses are supplied wetted in a saline solution and so can be inserted straight into your eyes.

Soflens 38 lenses are supplied from stock and are available for next day delivery.

Soflens 38 also contains a visibility tint that makes inserting contact lenses easy, if you have ever struggled to see your contact lenses on your finger as you insert them into your eye or accidently drop them and then can't find them the visibility tint will save you from such problems.

The visibility tint is a slight blue tint on the lens which can only be seen when the lenses are not inserted, when the lens is inserted no blue tint can be seen by you or by anyone else.

Soflens also incorporate an inside out or inversion indicator which shows you if your lens has been pushed inside out, this works by using a set of numbers or letters printed on the side of the lens, don't worry you can't see these letters when wearing the lenses, these numbers will appear back to front if the lens is inside out.

Soflens 38 can be worn either on a daily basis, and replaced each day or on a weekly basis and replaced each week, your eye care professional will be able to advise you on which schedule suits you best.

Soflens 38 by Bausch and Lomb with Clear Vision technology for clean, clear viewing.