Excellent vision in poor lighting conditions with Soflens Daily Disposable Aspheric.

Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb with Aspheric lenses.

Excellent vision in low light conditions with Aspheric optics.

Soflens Daily Disposable, Aspheric.

Not all Aspheric lenses are created equal, many other brands of Aspheric lenses do not provide crisp clear vision in low light conditions, this is because the shape of the lens they use requires more light to enter the eye to provide good sight, with Soflens aspheric lenses the lenses require less light for excellent vision and will perform brilliantly even in low light conditions like neon lights or at dusk.

Daily disposable lenses so no need to use any cleaning solutions, just wear your lenses for the day and then throw them away, the next morning insert a new pair of Soflens Daily Disposable lenses.

With 59% water these lenses have medium water content and will be comfortable with no danger of ripping or tearing the lenses on insertion.

These Soflens daily lenses are manufactured from a wettable material, so they won't dry out and make your eyes red or sore, you can use a saline solution if you want to wet the lenses on insertion if you are prone to dry eyes when wearing contacts.

In fact the lenses are supplied in a saline solution to keep them wet and ready for use.

The lenses are designed to be comfortable all day long and last the whole day without degrading in performance.

If you find your eyes become sore during the day no matter what lenses you are wearing you can of course use a comfort eye drop solution with Soflens, but your really unlikely to need it.

If you order before lunchtime your order will be delivered to you the very next day.

Over 95% of standard subscriptions are held in stock and are available for next day delivery.

You can order a months worth of lenses right up to a years worth of lenses in one go, the larger the quantity you order the more you save.