Soflens Natural Colors available in 9 different colours.

Soflens Natural Colors by Bausch and Lomb are Monthly Replacement contact lenses available in 9 colours Aquamarine (Green), Blue Topaz, Emerald, Green Amazon, Hazel India (Brown), Jade, Pacific Blue, Platinum (Light Blue/Grey) and Violet Indigo.

Soflens Natural Colors are suitable for both light and dark coloured eyes, which makes Soflens unique as normally it is quite difficult to find a coloured contact lens that works well on dark coloured eyes, as often dark eyes overpower the coloured contact lens.

Soflens Natural Colors.

The exact colour of any contact lens is dependent on your eye colour as your natural eye colour will influence the colour seen through your contacts.

If you haven't tried coloured contact lenses before and are wondering, they do not change what you see in any way, your viewing will not be tinted or coloured in any way, it is only the colour that other people see that will be different, to you wearing the contact lenses, everything is the same.