Soflens One Day contact lenses are a good cheap lens for daily replacement.

Soflens One Day contact lenses by Bausch and Lomb are daily disposable lenses, meaning each day you remove the old pair of lenses, throw them away and insert a new fresh pair of lenses.

With daily replacement lenses you have no cleaning, no solutions, no disinfecting, no nothing, just each day a new pair of lenses.

Soflens One Day.

Soflens One Day are a good cheap lens, you will have no problem wearing these lenses all day, of course you should remove them at night.

Soflens One Day lenses have a visibility tint, meaning the lens is slightly coloured so you can see the lens while you are handling it.

The visibility tint is not visible to anyone looking at your eyes and you can't see the tint when you are wearing the lenses, it's just to help you handle and insert your lenses.

For a good cheap daily lens Bausch and Lomb make a great choice with Soflens One Day.