Surevue Contact Lenses with UV Blocker and Visibility Tint.

Surevue Monthly Contact Lenses from Johnson and Johnson have a UV filter which blocks harmful UV radiation from the sun, making your eyes safer.

Surevue also has a Visibility tint which makes inserting and removing your lenses easy, the contact lens is slightly coloured, but don't worry you can only see the colour when you are holding the lens, when it is in you eye, you can't see the colour and neither can anyone looking at your eyes.


The light colour of the tint just makes the lenses easier to see when you're holding them.

With 58% water content the lens won't tear like some higher water content lenses, but the lens will still feel comfortable.

If you have ever torn a contact lens, you will know how infuriating and costly this can get.

You can purchase in quantities from 6 lenses up to 24 lenses for a bulk discount, 24 lenses will last you the whole year and is extremely good value.

With same day dispatch on all orders placed before lunchtime, you can be sure of getting your lenses the very next day.