Saline Ampoules for Travelling.

Travel Saline Ampoules supplied by Ote Pharma in a box of 30 ampoules.

Saline solution is ideal for wetting your lenses to store them in your contact lens case or to make them wettable for inserting into your eyes.

Travel Saline Ampoules

The saline acts like your natural tears, lubricating your lenses in your eyes, in fact saline is tears, it's the exact same stuff.

With this handy travel size pack, you can just use one ampoule at a time, one for each lens, it's the handy easy way to carry around saline solution without spills or drips and without using too much or too little.

Once you have cleaned and disinfected your lenses, you should always keep them in a contact lens barrel case surrounded by saline solution, especially soft lenses which should not be allowed to completely dry out as they will become uncomfortable and scratchy to wear.

Not only does the saline solution protect your lenses when they are not being used, but it makes inserting your contact lenses so much easier.

Inserting a wetted contact lens is so much easier and more enjoyable than inserting a lens that has not been wetted.

With Ote Pharma's handy travel size of saline ampoules, you need not worry about having to leave your saline solution at home because those big bottles should really be stored in the bathroom, now with saline available in just the right amount straight from the ampoule, it will be cheaper for you as you won't be using too much, and your eyes will feel more comfortable as you won't be using to little either.

The controlled amount of saline solution delivered directly from the ampoule will save on spills and buying more bottles because you have been a bit heavy handed with the bottle and overfilled your lens cases or underfilled.