Vision Enhancer long term coloured contacts in blue, green, aqua, brown/hazel and violet.

Vision Enhancers are long term coloured contact lenses available in blue, green, aqua, brown/hazel and violet.

If you like wearing coloured contact lenses but want them to last longer than a single use or the normal 30 days then Vision Enhancers are for you.

Long Term, Coloured Contact Lenses.

Just treat them like normal contact lenses, after each day use a cleaning solution, and keep using the lenses as long as they are comfortable.

It's the cheapest way to get coloured contact lenses, because they are just like your normal long term lenses only coloured, they last as long, they are as well made, the only difference is they are coloured lenses.

These lenses are made for people with light coloured eyes, the actual colour you get when wearing coloured contact lenses is determined by the exact colour and shade of your eyes, but as these lenses are made for light coloured eyes you should get a more consistent colour.

Experiment, try several different colours to see which colour looks best for you, try different colours during the day and evening, or different colour lenses at the weekends.

At this low price and with these long term lenses lasting such a long time, you can afford to own several different colours.