06 Coopervision Hydron for dry eyes.

Zero 6 by Coopervision Hydron are Long Term Lenses that will last for up to one year, Zero 6 are designed for dry eye suffers, who will find much comfort and relief from dry eyes with Coopervision Hydron Zero 6 lenses.

These contact lenses are designed for everyday use with daily cleaning required, used this way even for long days, the lenses will last 1 whole year.

Zero 6, Coopervision Hydron

If your daily cleaning solution does not remove protein and fat, then each week use such a enzyme solution to keep your lenses and the clarity of vision in first rate condition.

Hydron 06 lenses have a 1 year guarantee covering defects in manufacturing, so you can be sure that these lenses are going to last, and if they didn't you will get a replacement, they will of course, I've never known of a warranty replacement ever being required.

The lenses are soft and very easy to wear, you won't notice these lenses like some other long term lenses we could mention.

The lenses have a slight visibility tint to aid handling and lens insertion, don't worry you can't see it when your lenses are in, it just shows up while your touching your lenses and trying to get them inserted.