Air Optix contact lenses Aqua, Astigmatism, Night and Day and Individual by Ciba Vision.

Air Optix Aqua by Ciba Vision is available in a six monthly disposable soft lens in a buffered saline solution. One box contains six lenses or for quantity discounts six pairs of twelve lenses are available as is twelve pairs of twenty four lenses.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Astigmatism is a permeable lens that allows five times the amount of oxygen as normal contact lenses to reach the eye, this is die to the Ciba Vision manufacturing process called silicone hydrogel.

Air Optix contact lenses from Viba Vision.

Air Optix Astigmatism lenses are available as a box of six lenses or six pairs of twelve lenses or twelve pairs of twenty four lenses.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Night and Day are also called Focus Night and Day lenses and are thirty day continuous wear lenses, to clarify continuous wear for thirty days and thirty nights. There is no need to mess around inserting and removing lenses every day, especially if you aren't very good at it. No cleaning or disinfecting or neutralising solutions are needed.

You can sleep in Air Optix Night and Day lenses because they contain a material called Lotrafilcon A which makes the lenses permeable allowing oxygen to pass through the lens and into the eye. Increased oxygen to the eyes leads to healthy eyes, many hard contact lenses don't have this. For something more exciting than everyday lenses try coloured contact lenses.

Ciba Vision Air Optix Astigmatism are also sold as Specsavers Easyvision All Day, All Night.

Each lens contains 76% lotrafilcon A polymer for oxygen permeability and 24% water for comfort. The lenses are available in a six lens box or six pairs of twelve lenses or a value size twelve pairs of twenty four lenses.

Ciba Vision Air Optix used to be known as 02 Optix. Air Optix can be used overnight for a maximum of six nights or as guided by your optician. Also consider Focus Softcolors.

Air Optix lense have a surface which reduces fat and protein deposits resulting in a clean lens surface, more wettable with less soreness. Think of Air Optix as breathable contacts.

Air Optix Night and Day contacts can be worn for up to twenty four hours, for thirty days and nights. You can sleep in Air Optix Night and Day. The lens is designed for long term wear with it's oxygen permeable structure, this lens delivers six times more oxygen to the eye than standard contact lenses meaning your eyes are fresher and more healthy. A good colour lens is Freshlook Colorblends.

Your optician will have to advise you, these lenses can be left in for up to one month. With no daily routine of cleaning, rinsing, rubbing and disinfecting these lenses are the easiest to use, as no contact lens cleaning solutions are used no irritation can occur.

Air Optix Night and Day is the closest thing to not needing contact lenses, if you have contemplated laser eye surgery due to the problems of contact lens care then consider Air Optix. You might want to consider a comfortable coloured lens like Acuvue 2 Colors.

Air Optix Individual is a custom made to your specification silicone hydrogel contact lens. If you have tried to get a prescription for contact lenses before but found that your prescription is not possible for producing lenses, then try Air Optix Individual, this lens is designed for just such individuals.

Conventional soft lenses don't use a silicone hydrogel lens, using one means five times more oxygen can permeate through the lens and reach the eye, this reduces dryness, redness, irritation and the feeling of tired eyes.

The manufacturing process for Air Optix lenses is called InnoLathe, this unique method allows you to wear your custom contact lenses for up to three months. If your optician can't get lenses in your power or fitting, then Air Optix Individual lenses are for you. If your requirements are more modest a good long term use lens would be ideal.

The front part of the eye is called the cornea which must stay wet when wearing contact lenses, so the lens can move with the eye, silicone hydrogel allows the lens to move which reduces redness and makes for healthy looking eyes. The lens also allows oxygen to flow to the eye, this is important because when the eye is starved of oxygen it becomes distressed and dry, red or sore.

Ciba Vision manufacture Air Optix contacts, the unique contact lens material keeps your eyes white and fresh as the lenses allow oxygen to flow over the eyes. Included in the Air Optix range are Air Optix Night and Day lenses. These lenses are monthly disposable soft lenses. The unique lens material is less likely to have protein or fat deposits or air born pollutants as the lens remains wet moving these contaminants away from the eye. Similar lenses like Frequency 55 should also be considered.

Air Optix lenses are approved by the FDA for 30 days and nights continuous extended wear. If you lead a busy life and can't be bothered with lens insertion, removal and cleaving then Cibavision Air Optix should be your first choice.

Air Optix Night and Day is also sold under the name Boots Night and Day, and Specsavers Easyvision All Day All Night.

If you nee vision correction and are not used to wearing glasses then wearing them will change your appearance, so why not keep you appearance exactly the way it is and use contact lenses instead. If you are new to contact lenses and are experiencing discomfort towards the end of a days wear, don't think that this is normal for contact lenses, make the switch to Air Optix from Ciba Vision or try Soflens daily disposable lenses.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are soft lenses designed for ten hours wear per day for a month after which you must use a new lens. At the end of each day you must remove, clean and soak monthly disposables to remove fat and protein deposits as well as any chance of bacteria. You know if you have left your lenses in too long because your eyes will be dry, red and scratchy.

Extended wear lenses are made for sleeping in as well as wearing all day long.

Each year your optician will invite you back for an aftercare appointment to make sure you have selected the right lenses and are not having any problems, ask your optician about Proclear contacts.

Air Optix lenses used to be called 02 Optix (02 for oxygen to signify the high level of oxygen permeability these lenses offer). Some lenses rather than being oxygen permeable hold moisture on the contacts to ensure comfort, Air Optix does both.
Soft contact lenses form a barrier between the cornea or front of eye and the natural air outside, thats why most soft contact lenses are for a maximum ten hour use, to give your eyes time to recover otherwise redness and sore eyes will result.

With standard daily lenses you often find that you have to blink several times to get the lenses to settle, with Air Optix the lenses will settle immediately thanks to the special material the lenses are made from, in fcat the lenses feel rubbery to the touch, that rubber like feeling is the silicon. With Air Optix your contacts will feel light and not noticeable, you won't feel any weighting on your eyes like some standard lenses. With daily lenses you don't have to bother with Sept solution and lens cleaning.

If you work in an air conditioned environment or in front of computers all day you will often have problems with dryness. With Air Optix you should not require comfort eye drops to prevent your lenses drying out and causing sore red eyes. Another irritant for contact lens wearers is cigarette smoke but with Air Optix the smoke particles will be kept away longer.

When you take your lenses out have a look at them, can you see deposits of fat or protein or other airborne pollutants or smoke particles, if you can then you are properly wearing standard lenses, with Air Optix your lenses and eyes will remain clean and healthy looking. Air Optix feel so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. If your eyes get tired when wearing your lenses Murine eye drops can be used.

With such comfort you can wear your lenses for longer, so it's no trouble to go to the gym or out for a meal straight after work wearing the same lenses. Your eyes will look whiter, the sign of healthy eyes.

Air Optix lenses are available as Torics and contain a pale blue colour which is not noticeable when your lenses are in, but which allows you to see them for the purposes of insertion and handling. Air Optix coloured lenses may soon be available. For cleaning buy any one step solution that disinfects, neutralises and cleans all in one.

Ciba Vision 02 Optix are half the price of Day and Nights and are much cheaper when bought online compared to the high street. With 02 Optix while not required you can use comfort eye drops if required.