Have fun with these coloured contacts, create beautiful eyes.

Coloured contacts can be used by both prescription contact lens wearers and people who don't normally wear contact lenses.

Wearing special effect lenses or coloured contact lenses has no effect on your vision.

Colour contact lenses with special effects to create animal eyes, ranging from alien through to zebra.

Coloured Contacts available include alien, which makes your eyes appear dark green with black pupils. Hypnotica which makes your eyes appear grey with very large oversized black pupils.

Icefire contacts make your eyes vivid blue with a white star burst and small black pupils.

Knockout contact lenses which make your eyes look like they have a giant black diagonal cross and all white pupils.

Redhot or devil coloured contact lenses make your eyes appear bright red with small black pupils. Whiteout contact lenses make your eyes appear completely white with only small black dot pupils.

Wildfire contacts make your eyes appear bright red with a huge bright yellow starburst or sun flower and small black pupils.

Zebra contact lenses make your eyes appear to have zebra black and white stripes over a black pupil. Zoomin contacts make your eyes dark grey-blue with small black pupils and black rings.

Jaguar contact lenses make your eyes look like the big cat, bright yellow eyes with a almond shaped black pupil.

Now Halloween costumes or fancy dress costumes not only involve your clothing, but can also involve your eyes. Dress up for parties with focus dailies or theatre productions and Halloween by wearing coloured contacts for your eyes.
Want vampire eyes, or devil eyes or cats eyes, or alien eyes, no problem, contact lenses are what you have been looking for.

Change your eyes completely, with contact lenses you can have the eye colours you want.

Coloured lenses are suitable for contact lens wearers and those who don't wear contact lenses, simply visit an optician or eye specialist and have your eyes measure so that you can order freshlook coloured contact lenses for the dimensions of your eyes.

Wearing contacts requires care and cleaning to prevent sore eyes, use cleaning solutions and store your contact lenses properly.

Even if you don't need contact lenses or glasses or any other type of vision correction, you will still need a prescription for your contact lenses, this is to ensure they fit your eyes perfectly.

Coloured contact lenses are generally not suitable for use overnight, and always use a contact lens solution.