easySept cheap contact lens cleaning.

easySept by Bausch and Lomb is the cheapest contact lens cleaning solution available, easySept uses a neutraliser disk instead of tablets to neutralise the disinfectant solution.

As well as cleaning your contact lenses easySept will remove the deposits that build up on your lenses during the day, these deposits are in some cases environmental such as smoke and grit but also your eyes reaction to wearing contact lenses, deposits that build up on your lenses include fat and protein deposits, it's important than your contact lens cleaning solution removes these deposits as they can lead in the worst cases to infection and more often to sore or itchy eyes.


easySept can be used with all different types of contact lenses, hard lenses, soft lenses, daily lenses, monthly lenses, longer term lenses, torics, you name it.

easySept is much cheaper than AOSept by Cibavision and Oxysept by AMO, notice that they all have similar names to indicate that they are meant to be used in place of the competitors similar sounding product, of course the choice is yours as to which you buy, and if you are buying on price then easySept cannot be beaten.

Bausch and Lomb are a very big contact lens and solutions provider so you can be sure that easySept is of equal quality to all the other great Bausch and Lomb products.

In the easySept pack you get contact lens cleaning solution, lens cases for cleaning and disks for neutralising the disinfectant.

Greater savings are to be made by buying in quantity, you can buy a 3 month or a 6 month supply of easySept, and easySept is shipped from stock so you will have your order tomorrow, that's great if your just running out of your cleaning solution and need a replacement fast.

Save money buy easySept the cheapest contact lens cleaning solution available from a trusted brand like Bausch and Lomb.