Fashion contact lenses and Eyedew dazzling products at the cheapest prices.

To wear Expressions Opaque fashion contact lenses you don't need to be a lens wearer, they are suitable for people who don't wear contacts and would just like to try for the novelty.

Opaque contact lenses are available in Green, Blue, Hazel, Aqua, Blue-Topaz, Brown and Jade.

Choose from our extensive range of fashion contact lenses, ranging from big eyes to baby blue eyes.

Expressions Opaque fashion contact lenses are supplied by Ciba Vision each box contain six coloured contacts per box.

Expressions lenses are available in natural colours, wearing contacts will get yourself noticed as they have a natural colour tint and are available in many styles.

Express yourself with natural-looking coloured contact lenses, whether you need vision correction or just want to change your look. Since you want people to notice you and not just the colour of your eyes, Fashion contacts produce a more natural, realistic colour change thanks to CooperVision's technologically advanced tinting process.

Expressions Accents are also available, with Accents you get six contact lenses per box, these coloured contacts are manufactured by Cooper Vision.

Accents are brighter more vivid contact lenses than Opaque fashion coloured contact lenses which let your natural colour shine through, whilst Accents are novelty or fashion contact lenses and are available in Green, Blue, Violet and Aqua.

Expressions are also available in packs of six contact lenses per box.

D3 Colorblends lenses are supplied in a vial (bottle) as individual contacts and are manufactured by Ciba Vision fashion coloured contacts.

Colorblends are for people who normally do not wear contact lenses but who wish to wear coloured contacts. Designed for people with dark eyes who wish to change their eye colour. Colourblends are available in Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Honey and Turquoise.

D3 Opaque fashion contact lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision and supplied in a vial (bottle) containing one lens. Opaque focus dailies are available in many colours including Baby Blue, Sapphire Blue, Aqua, Emerald Green, Jade Green, Misty Grey, Chestnut Brown, Hazel and Violet.

Colour lenses are suitable for dark coloured eyes and for people who don't normally wear contacts but want to wear a special effect contact lens. Colours to choose from for are Sapphire Blue, Baby Blue, Emerald Green, Aqua, Hazel, Misty Gray, Violet, Chestnut Brown and Jade Green.
Clearvue Big Eyes contact lenses are two tone colour which make your eyes appear bigger than they are. They are very popular in the Chinese and Japanese markets as big eyes and freshlook have become part of the fashion landscape in clubs and bars.

Acuvue 2 Colours special effect lenses are supplied by Johnson & Johnson. in packs of two, with two contacts per pack and are available in several colours including Honey, Blue, Gray and Green.