Focus Dailies Toric, All Day Comfort, Progressives and Focus Dailies AquaComfort Plus.

Focus dailies are made by a company called Ciba Vision and are available in several different types.

With dailies contact lens cleaning solutions are not required because each day when your contact lenses become dirty, you simply replace them. Focus are also great for activity sports as these contact lenses are very convenient.

Focus Dailies, Toric, All Day Comfort, Progressives and AquaComfort Plus.

Focus Dailies Toric are contact lenses for people that require eye correction for a condition known as astigmatism, these lenses are called torics when the contact lenses are for astigmatism.

Toric contact lensesare single use contact lenses and are disposable. Toric lenses are known as a stable Toric because of the torus shape.

Toric lenses as well as being disposable daily coloured contact lenses also provide very high levels of comfort for contact lens wearers. As dallies are replaced everyday, the contact lens wearer has very clear, new contact lenses every day.

Daily Torics are very easy to handle and care for, dailies are easy to wear, insert and remove. The clear vision of daily torics is because each day the contact lenses are replaced so the lenses do not wear out or get damaged just like freshlook.

Focus Dailies are also available in a pack of thirty contact lenses and are known as All Day Comfort. These are very comfortable and easy to wear contact lenses which are in fact better for your eyes as they are replaced every day, and this daily replacement ensures that harmful deposits do not build up on your contact lenses.

Dailies are also available in a pack of ninety, these contact lenses go by the name (90) All Day Comfort, and again always use a contact lens solution.

Dailies are also available as a progressive, these contact lens are called Progressives and are a multifocal contact lens. Progressives are designed to provide clear vision for distance as well as close vision. An alternative to progressives is of course no line progressive glasses.

Progressives where designed to provide Focus Dailies for people who wished to take up colored contact lenses but currently wear glasses.

Another name for progressives would be bifocal contact lenses as technically that's what these contact lenses are providing.
Computer users who need contact lenses for near and far viewing are well suited to Progressives.

Dailies are also available as moisturising contact lenses, these contact lenses are called AquaComfort Plus and are available in a pack of 30 color contact lenses.

AquaComfort Plus contact lenses contain three separate moisturising solutions in the contact lenses. These moisturising solutions make insertion and removal of your lenses very easy as well as providing high levels of comfort in daily use.

If you currently wear Focus Dailies colour contact lenses and you wish to move to AquaComfort contact lenses a new contact lens prescription will be needed.

AquaComfort Plus contact lenses use a moisturising solution which is made up of three separate moisturising solutions, PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol, PEG Polyethylene Glycol and HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

AquaComfort Plus contact lenses are also available in a pack of 90 contact lenses, these are called AquaComfort Plus 90 contact lenses or you could try fashion contact lenses.