Focus Softcolors, 1-2 week, dailies and freshlook.

Focus Softcolors by Ciba Vision are available as a six month and a twelve month supply in a variety of colours including Royal Blue, Aqua or Aquamarine and Evergreen.

Focus Softcolors are monthly contact lenses which alter the light entering your eyes making your eyes look like they are lighter, these lenses are therefore designed for lighter coloured eyes.

Focus Softcolors, one day and enhancer tints.

Softcolors are designed to be used continuously for one month and are sold in a box containing six contact lenses.

Instead of wearing the lenses for one month you could wear them thirty separate times, after which they would need disposal. Between each use the contacts should be cleaned.

The eye colours created by Softcolors depend on your natural eye colour.

Focus lenses can be purchased as six lenses per box, or six pairs of twelve lenses or twelve pairs of twenty four contacts. For a full range of coloured contact lenses.

Softcolors are the same as Focus Monthly contact lenses except they are available in colours and not just natural. Both are soft disposable coloured contact lenses for monthly replacement.

The lenses are packaged in a buffered saline solution, they are easy to handle and comfortable to wear. Due to the lenses blue tint Focus Softcolors are easy to handle and see.

Focus Softcolors 1-2 week are the same as Focus 1-2 week Vistint, but Focus Softcolors are available in colours as are freshlook colorblends.

Focus 1-2 week Softcolors manufactured by Ciba Vision are tinted lenses which enhance light colour eyes and enhance your natural eye colour and tone.

You can change the colour of your eyes using Focus Softcolors, these lenses give a natural look to your eyes.
These contacts are comfortable to wear and for example with light blue eyes, Aqua coloured contact lenses will create a light blue radiance eye effect.

Focus 1-2 week Softcolors are known as an enhancer tint, designed for lighter eye colours.

Freshlook One Day contact lenses are the same as Focus Dailies SoftColors and are available in Blue, Green, Grey and Pure Hazel or brown. For a full range of colours try Acuvue 2 Colors.

Freshlook Softcolors are made from 31% Nelfilcon A polymer, 69% Water H20 and are manufactured by Wesley Jessen.