Frequency 55, XR, XCEL, 55 Toric, Aspheric, UV and AB contact lenses.

Cooper Vision manufactures Frequency XR Toric monthly disposable contact lenses, toric lenses are designed for people who have greater astigmatism. These high quality lenses are machined from materials that prevent the build up of deposits even after several hours, and so provide long lasting comfort.

The lens has a unique toric design which ensures superb vision even in low light levels. Frequency XR Toric lenses are available in a box containing three lenses.

Frequency 55 contact lenses from Cooper Vision.

Frequency XCEL Toric monthly disposable lenses by Cooper Vision are manufactured for astigmatism and due to the high quality materials used in manufacture are very comfortable and do not suffer from deposit build up over the course of the day and work well in poor light.

Frequency 55 Aspheric contacts are supplied by Cooper Vision, these high quality lenses are manufactured to prevent deposits building up on the lens and to still provide good levels of vision at dusk and other low light levels. This is achieved using aberration blocking technology which will provide very high levels of comfort all day and high quality vision. The lenses are available as a pack of six. For coloured contact lens.

Cooper Vision Frequency 55 monthly disposable lenses have a blue tint which does not interfere with viewing and cannot be seen when wearing the lens, the blue tint makes handling, insertion and removal of the lens easy as there is no problem seeing the contact lens. Frequency 55 provide great vision, high levels of comfort and high quality lenses which are available in special DIN packs of six contact lenses.

Frequency UV by Cooper Vision are contact lenses with a Ultra Violet UV filter which filters out the harmful rays of the sun, just like sunglasses. Frequency UV has a light Aqua tint for easy handling so when you put your lenses in or take them out, the contacts are very easy to see. Another good choice would be Soflens daily disposable lenses.

A good level of comfort and vision is available, the contact contains 58% water for additional comfort and are not prone to ripping. These lenses are sold in a pack which contains six lenses.

Frequency 55 AB are toric lenses designed for people with Astigmatism and are made by Cooper Vision, these high precision lenses resist deposits for many hours thanks to their unique manufacturing process which also provides a lens with high visual acuity. Frequency 55 (AM) lenses are rebranded Asphericlens by Specsavers and also called Vision Express Enhance or try Proclear.

Every box of Frequency 55 AB contains six aspheric, tinted monthly disposable contact lenses manufactured from 45% methafilcon A polymer, 55% water in a buffered saline solution, the lens will not suffer from ripping as the water content is not too high.

Frequency 55 AB Aspheric by Copper Vision are rebranded Asphericlens for Specsavers and Enhance for Vision Express, the lenses are sold in a box of six contacts or six pairs of twelve lenses boxed, or twelve pairs of twenty four lenses boxed.

Frequency 55 Toric by Cooper Vision correct astigmatism by correcting the uneven surface of the eyes cornea, this technology makes for greater comfort and superb vision while having all the benefits of a disposable. With disposable lenses you won't need Sept Solution.

Astigmatism causes distorted vision due to the uneven shape of the eyes cornea, the toric lens is shaped to give two different strengths of vision to the eye, which corrects this condition. Frequency 55 Toric is a very thin lens with a special lens material that resists the build up of deposits and is suitable for prolonged wear whilst still providing a comfortable lens.

Frequency lenses stay in place on the eye very well and do not move around like other contact lenses. Many people report that the lenses last very well longer than expected. If you find yourself with tired and red eyes use Murine eye drops.

Soft contact lenses like Cooper Visions Frequency 55 are monthly replacement lenses which save you money and time, the technological process used to manufacture Frequencies is called UltraSync, this process creates an improved lens design and greater comfort whilst still being easy to handle.

Frequency 55 is also available as Specsavers Standard Monthly lens, Boots Mid Water Monthly and Specsavers 55 Monthly Soft lens.
Frequency 55 lenses have a light blue tint to make them easier to see when removing or inserting your lenses, they are supplied in a OSL DIN pack of six contacts, if Frequency 55 is not for you Air Optix is another good contact lens.

Frequency 55 Aspheric are supplied as a box of six lenses of monthly disposable contacts from Cooper Vision and is an identical lens to Specsavers Asphericlens and Easyvision Aspheric contacts.

Frequency 55 is available as six monthly disposable contact lenses with a light blue tint for easier handling.

Cooper Vision Frequency 55 is the same as Specsavers Standardlens D55, Dolland & Aitchison D&A Freshview 58UV and Specsavers 58UV.

Frequency Xcel Toric is a monthly disposable contact lens the same as Specsavers Standard Monthly Toric Lens, Cooperflex Toric and Vision Express Enhance H, H+, H- and V lenses. Coloured lenses like Focus Softcolors are great if you want to change your eye colour.

Frequency Expressions Colours are monthly disposable coloured contact lenses from Coopervision and are the same as Specsavers Easyvision Colours.

Cooper Vision Frequency 55 monthly disposable contact lenses which are a popular lens to be rebranded by resellers.

Frequency 55 is also sold under the Standard Lens name by Specsavers.

If you have a prescription for any of these other names for Frequency 55, only the name is different, the contact lenses are exactly the same, Cooper Vision is the original manufacture. For a good colour lens Freshlook Colorblends are recommended.