Freshlook Colorblends in red, brown, amethyst, violet, turquoise, gray, green and honey.

Freshlook Colorblends are manufactured by Ciba Vision and use special colour technology to blend three colours into one lens, that's why they are known as Freshlook 3 in 1 ColorBlends.

Colorblends provide a natural eye colour, with each of the three colours blended to get the overall colour required, for example with hazel on the pupil area and a black or charcoal outer pattern.

Freshlook Colorblends, coloured contact lenses.

Colorblends can be purchased in several colours including Sapphire or Red, Hazel or Brown, Amethyst or transparent violet, Brown, Turquoise or Blue/Green, Gray, Green and Honey or Golden colours.

You can wear these lenses for up to a month or thirty separate times for casual wear, you must clean and handle your lenses with care between use to avoid soreness.

The colour of the coloured contact lenses naturally depends on your own eye colour, darker colour eyes will have a different effect on the contact lens to lighter coloured eyes.

Supplied as a pack of two lenses or a discounted pack of twenty four contacts.

Other quantities include two lenses in one box, two pairs or four contacts, six pairs or twelve lenses, twelve pairs or twenty four lenses.

Freshlook Colorblends contain 55% water or H20 making them very comfortable to wear.

Sapphire or Red is the newest colour in the Colorblends range. Try the Acuvue 2 Colors range.

Colorblends can be used by people with very dark coloured eyes, for example dark brown or black eyes can still use Colorblends, and in this example Hazel Colorblends would look natural as would Sapphire or Red and Green.

If your wearing makeup with your Freshlook Colorblends, put your contact lenses in before you do your makeup, especially if you are not used to wearing contacts and find that your eyes water when you put your contact lenses in, this will ensure that you don't ruin your makeup.

Many people prefer Colorblends because they are very attractive and so radically change your eye colour. You might prefer long term use lenses

Why not change your eye colour to match your new outfit, for example if you have brown coloured eyes try Grey contacts for a beautiful outfit that matches your eyes.

Colorblends look great in photographs, if your having some photos taken for example a wedding or christening consider trying coloured lenses, blue eyes especially if grey/blue will look fantastic with a green Colorblends. Or how about Sapphire contact lenses for Halloween, imagine opening the door to trick or treaters wearing red contacts. If your looking for more conventional lenses, look at Frequency 55.

Colorblends are very eye catching contact lenses, they change and lift the colour of your eyes and are very popular.

The green Colorblends are a lighter green colour, if you want a more vibrant colour contact consider True Hazel. Wearing coloured contacts you will get comments like, your eyes are sparkling, what eye makeup are you wearing, people just don't realise that the effect is caused by coloured contacts.

If putting contacts in makes your eyes water, it just takes a little practice, while your learning, remember to do your makeup after you have your contacts in, so you don't cause your makeup to run. Soflens daily disposable might be a good choice.

People who have very dark eyes, almost black eyes find that most makes of coloured contact lenses are not bright enough, if this sounds like you, consider True Sapphire Focus Colorblends which is a bright coloured contact.

If your looking for blue contact lenses for darker eyes because you know everyone loves blue eyes then get blue Colorblends, if you have darker skin blue might not look best as it might look unnatural with darker skin, in that case get a lighter coloured contact lens, or an altogether different colour like Sapphire. Or try a clear contact lens like Proclear.

For those looking for an altogether different eye colour try honey Colorblends, it's not a eye colour you would normally see and is very striking. Other colours to consider are hazel, which is a natural and striking colour. Grey or Gray with the American spelling is a good substitute or change from hazel or brown coloured contacts.

Green in darker coloured eyes it won't look striking, in lighter coloured eyes it is very prominent. Sapphire or red, again a special effect colour, if you want a radical eye colour, consider sapphire as obviously you won't find any natural eye colours with sapphire. And with disposable lenses you won't need Sept Solution.

Sapphire colour contacts best suit light eye colours if you have very green or brown coloured eyes the sapphire won't appear very bright, many people prefer this. If you're new to contacts you might find that your eyes itch for the first hour of wear, but this soon passes as you get used to the lenses.
Whilst you might be tempted to share your contact lenses with your friends, you shouldn't, even if they have been cleaned, contamination can still be present and serious eye infection could result, just order your friend an extra pair.

Mothers and daughters are you fed up having the same eye colour, well now with Freshlook Colorblends you don't need too, you can both wear contacts and have totally different eye colours. If your eyes get sore Murine eye drops are recommended.

If it's your first time trying coloured contacts, consider hazel lenses and watch the reaction from friends and family. Or if you want to get away from the browner contacts like hazel and green consider grey (Freshlook Colorblends are American and that's why grey is spelled gray and colour is spelled with the American color). Wearing grey contacts with grey eye shadow makes your contacts more noticeable and striking.

If you have brown eyes you will be used to wearing brown or gold eye shadow, so why not try grey contact lenses which will look striking with grey eye shadow.

For Asian skin consider green contact lenses which will look very real. For extra comfort use Air Optix

If you feel uncomfortable wearing darker colours because you feel the lenses are too dark for seeing, this is rare, but some people do feel that way, then consider lighter coloured contacts or only wearing your lenses for short periods.