Long Term Use Optima 38, 38/SP, FW, Reoptic 38, Durasoft 3 Colors, Visitint, Cibasoft VT.

Optima 38 is supplied by Bausch & Lamb and are designed for long term use, containing 38% water they feel very natural.

Optima 38 is supplied as a quantity discount four lens pack or one box containing one lens or one pair containing two lenses or two pairs in a box containing four lenses.

Long Term Use lenses from Bausch & Lomb and Ciba Vision.

Optima 38/SP contact lenses are an easy to insert and easy to wear lens with very low water content, the spherical soft lens is created using what is called a Reverse Process technology which corrects both myopia and hyperopia. Optima is supplied as a daily wear lens.

The Optima 38/SP has a larger middle thickness lens which is easy to handle whilst still providing good vision correction.

With a machined rear surface, the Optima lens is comfortable to wear and also available as a two pack spare pair of lenses. Available in a one and two pack blister these easy to fit lenses for daily wear are perfect for myopia and hyperopia requirements. Optima 38/SP is a widely used contact lens with good optical properties and excellent comfort, it's a soft contact lens that comes with a spare pair. Try coloured contact lens for coloured lenses.

The lens has been prescribed for over ten years and is tried and tested. Easy to handle and famous for it. The Optima 38 is also known as Soflens 38, both of which are manufactured by Bausch & Lamb. Optima FW lenses are also known as Soflens 38 and require replacing after two to four weeks wear.

Reoptic 38 is a yearly disposable lens supplied by Vision Direct, it contains 38% water making it a hard wearing and strong lens, where other high water content contact lenses are very easy to tear when handling. For more frequent changes Frequency 55 is an ideal lens.

Reoptic 38 is available as a quantity discount box of four lenses or one box containing one lens, one pair of two contact lenses or two pairs of four contact lenses.

Durasoft 3 Colors supplied by Ciba Vision change the colour of dark eyes and are manufactured for long term use. Durasoft is available in nine colours Chestnut Brown, Misty Grey/Gray, Aqua, Violet, Hazel Brown, Jade Green, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue and Baby Blue. Containing 55% aqua water the lens is comfortable. Also consider Soflens daily disposable lenses.

Lens colour is dependant on the eye colour of the wearer, darker coloured eyes will make a lighter coloured lens appear darker. Ciba Vision sell these contacts in a vial bottle which contains the lenses.

A discount for quantity is available if you purchase four lenses, other quantities are available including one lens in a box, two lenses per box and four lenses or two pairs per box.

Durasoft 3 Coloured contacts are manufactured by both Ciba Vision and Wesley Jessen under license and are a standard flexible wear contact lens for darker coloured eyes, for a clear lens try Proclear.

A mid water contact lens, not containing the minimum amount of water and very hard to tear on handling, and not containing so much water that it is very easy to tear.

Available in nine striking colours whilst allowing the iris to still be seen. This Ciba Vision lens supplied in a standard vial yearly disposable form. The sapphire blue lens provides an amazing effect, luminescent blue eyes. If you don't want daily disposable lenses you will need to use Sept solution cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Available as a Toric colour lens the Durasoft 3 receives many compliments, if you have brown eyes, the sapphire blue lens will completely change your eye colour, many wearers have reported the compliments they receive when wearing their lenses.

Durasoft 3 Colors is an opaque coloured contact lens for six to twelve month wear, it provides a natural colour change and does not have a visibility tint but contains 55% water and is made from Phemfilcon A polymer.

Visitint by Ciba Vision are longer term contact lenses which contain 38% water and are not torn easily when handled or inserted. With Visitint you shouldn't suffer from sore eyes, if you do Murine Eye Drops can be used.

Visitint can be purchased in quantity for a discount, a box containing four contact lenses or one box containing one lens, or one pair in a box containing two lenses or two pairs in a box of four contact lenses.
Cibasoft Visitint is another easy handling lens perfect for the first time contact lens wearer. The Visitint lenses are made to order and will depend on your prescription. Visitint are also available as a colour contact.

These lenses don't slip, they are not disposable and you will need a prescription, they will last one year with care, lasting so long these lenses are great value for money. Available for over ten years Visitint and Air Optix lenses have a huge following due to their high quality.

To get your lenses quicker and cheaper don't wait for the eye doctor get them online.

Cibiasoft Visitint contact lenses should be changed every six to eighteen months, check with your eye care professional to find out what time period applies to you. With a light colour tint, these lenses are easier to find and insert.

Visitint are conventional contacts supplied in a buffered saline solution, each lens contains 37.5% water and 62.5% tefilcon polymer and are manufactured by Ciba Vision. For those that prefer a coloured lens use Focus Softcolors.

Cibasoft Visitint lenses are for daily or occasional wear and perfect for the first timer. Easy to insert and remove, good value long lasting lenses. Available in seven colours called SoftColors.

Providing a comfortable fit these lenses aren't ripped easily as they only contain 55% water. A conventional year long daily contact, its light colour tint makes finding them easy.

Cibasoft VT approved for daily use has a light colour tint like Freshlook Colorblends which does not affect vision at all, the tint is just there so you can find them. Cibasoft Standard Visitint are a thinner version of Cibasoft Visitint, use Stadard for ease of handling and if your new to contact lenses. Being a thicker lens, they don't tear and are easier to handle.