Murine Eye Drops keep your contacts wet, clean, free from dryness, relieves tired eyes, irritation and redness.

Murine Wet and Clean contact lens eye drops refresh your contact lens by rewetting the lenses, cleaning and lubricating. Murine Wet and Dry keeps your eyes feeling comfortable all day long, the eye drops remove protein, fat and airborne particulates from your lenses that build up over the course of the day causing irritation, red or sore eyes, some users also complain of fogginess when their contact lenses become dirty.

Murine Wet and Clean for contact lenses rewet, moisten and lubricate your eyes leaving them refreshed and comfortable.

Murine Eye Drops for contact lens wearers.

Murine use a preservative which does not irritate your eyes and which is made from solutions found naturally within the eye, this compatiability with your eyes reduces irritants and possible allergies. Murine Wet and Clean is sold in a 10ml eye dropper.

Simply drop Murine contact lens drops in your eye with the dropper provided, to keep your eyes clear and clean and your contacts feeling fresh. The eye drops moisten your lenses and relieve tired eyes.

To use Wet and Clean eye drops when wearing your contact lenses simply hold your head back and apply one or two drops into each eye, blinking to clean and lubricate your eyes with the fluid, you can reapply three to six times per day and can be used everyday. Don't touch the eye dropper onto your eye and keep the dropper clean, only putting it down in the bottle. Murine can be used with clear as well as coloured contact lenses.

Murine Wet and Clean can be used up to the date of expiry which is printed on the bottle, don't use the eye drops if they are older or if twenty eight days have passed since opening the bottle.

Murine is designed for use with contact lenses, for refreshing, rewetting and lubricating contacts and can be used on both hard, soft and permeable lenses. If you find your are sensitive to Murine, stop using immediately and remove your contact lenses, consulting a medical practitioner for further information, never use other eye drops at the same time as Murine as the combined effect of several solutions may have an adverse effect. Murine can be used with Air Optix and all other lenses.

Murine Dry and Tired is also available and suitable for non contact lens wearers as well.

Murine Irritation and Redness relief eye drops are for use by non contact lens wearers as well as wearers, it relieves sore, red or irritated eyes providing comfort quickly. Eyes may become sore due to computer usage, close reading, air particulates especially prevalent in traffic, smoking, wind and dust.

Murine Irritation and Redness works quickly and is available in a 10ml eye dropper, irritation and redness relief works by using a product contained in Murine called naphazoline hydrochloride which is a vasoconstrictor narrowing the blood vessels in the eye which relives swelling and soreness. If you have Focus Softcolors you don't want the coloured effect ruined with tired and sore eyes.
Murine offers quick relief and lasts long after the application. Before using Irritation and Redness relief remove your contacts and tilting your head apply one or two drops with the eye dropper, don't insert your contact lenses for fifteen minutes after using.

As well as relieving the systems Murine will also remove the irritant from your eye. Never leave your contact lenses in when applying Murine Irritation products.

If the eye drops look cloudy or have changed colour or if the bottle has been opened for more than twenty eight days then it should be thrown away. If you would like to change your eye colour use Freshlook Colorblends.

Murine Irritation and Redness contains the preservative benzalkonium chloride which is commonly used in eye drop manufacture.