Novelty contact lenses, looking for Freshlook Dimensions, Acuvue or Images we have the biggest novelty contact lens selection.

To wear novelty contact lenses you do not need to be a regular lens wearer, or even need glasses or contacts. They are just coloured and worn for the fun of it.

Choose from Acuvue, Images, Colortone or Freshlook novelty contact lenses, ranging from coloured lenses to animal eyes.

Wild Eyes novelty contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision are supplied in a vial (bottle) containing one pair of coloured contacts. Wild Eyes give you animal eyes and special effects which are perfect for clubbing and parties.

Wild Eyes novelty lenses are available in the following styles Alien, look like an alien with these eyes, sure to attract attention. Hypnotica coloured contacts might have a sort of hypnotic effect on people, get them under your spell with hypnotica.

Icefire reminds us of Storm from X-Men, be your own icefire with these stunning novelty coloured contact lenses. Knockout, well yes you might look like you have been knocked out wearing these contact lenses.

Redhot, want to look like a red devil, all hot and naughty then redhot are the novelty lenses for you. Whiteout, looks like there's nobody home, when you wear these contact lenses.

Wildfire, need to be wild for the weekend then choose wildfire lenses. Zebra, become an animal of distinction and get yourself some stripes with zebra coloured contacts.

Zommin, been zoomin around, want the world to know your in a mad hurry, then these novelty contact lenses are for you. Jaguar, look like the King or Queen of the cats with Jaguar, become a big cat today with Jaguar coloured contacts.
Clearvue Big Eyes contact lenses increase the size of your eyes, want big puppy dog eyes then get these coloured contacts. which make your eyes appear bigger, give yourself big doll eyes with Big Eyes Natural.

Want to try something different from your focus dailies. Want a blue tint to your eyes, then you need Clearvue Blue Tint. Fancy honey coloured eyes, blue, gray or green then Acuvue 2 Colour are for you.