Proclear One Day, Multifocal and Toric contact lenses.

Proclear compatible lenses use a soft contact lens material to increase moisture retention and eye comfort. Cooper Vision Proclear Compatible lens copy the eyes movements making the lenses flexible and extremely comfortable, with 62% water and sold in packs of six contact lenses, these lenses are an ideal money saver.

Coopervision Proclear 1 Day daily disposable contacts stay fresh all day, the contact lens material contains molecules of phosphorylcholine PC which mimics human cell membranes, these moisture absorbing molecules ensure your contacts are moist and comfortable the whole day long.

Coopervision Proclear lenses.

Coopervision Proclear Multifocal compatible lenses are available as N near of D distance field lenses.

Coopervision Proclear Toric Soft lenses are for astigmatism and have great vision properties, the lenses are supplied in a 0.9% buffered saline solution, six lenses are supplied in each pack and are manufactured from 38% Omafilcon polymer and 62% water for easy insertion.

Proclear lenses are also sold as Specsavers Easyvision Monthly and All Days.

Proclear contacts are made from a biocompatible material which your eye does not see as a foreign body and try to dispel, this means that protein deposits are a lot less. If your looking for coloured contact lenses.

Proclear One Day is a daily disposable lens that stays fresh all day, each day you change your contacts for another fresh lens, no cleaning solutions are required. Proclear contains a liquid found in human tears, this attracts moisture to the lens and keeps your lenses fresh all day long for up to twelve hours. Sold in packs of thirty lenses in a saline solution.

Proclear One Day are the same as Specsavers dailies, they won't dry out and will stay fresh all day, if you constantly have contacts dry out and make your eyes red or tired try Proclear. Whilst cheaper than other dailies, these contacts are still easy to put in and take out even at the end of the day. With one day lenses you won't need Sept Solution.

If you are looking for a reliable contact lens Proclear One Day lenses won't dry out even if you accidently find yourself wearing them for up to fourteen hours (not recommended), they are comfortable and excellent value for money.

Proclear can be purchased so much cheaper online, if your used to buying your lenses from you optician, don't shop around online for much improved prices with next day delivery.

Coopervisions Proclear lenses have a special coating which not only keeps the moisture on your contacts making them more comfortable and preventing drying out, the special coating also reduces protein deposits and dirt from building up on your lenses and ensuring you a comfortable lens all day long. If your eyese do get tired use Murine eye drops to relieve sore and tired eyes.

Proclear used to be called Biocompatible but has since changed it's name, although the lenses remain the same, Proclear is also sold under the Specsavers Easyvision All Day lenses, these are exactly the same Coopervision lenses just rebranded for Specsavers.

Proclear Toric contacts are for astigmatism, they are soft lenses manufactured by Coopervision and offering all day comfort and first class vision. Proclear lenses contain 62% water and use a special coating to increase moisture on the lens, this makes Proclears ideal for people who suffer from dry eyes when wearing contacts or if your job involves many hours at a computer screen or other dry environments. Another clear lens is Air Optix.

Compaired with other contact lenses Coopervision Proclear Toric maintain three times the amount of moisture which results in a comfortable all day lens.
Proclear lenses are made from what is called a biocompatible material, most lenses when you insert them cause your eyes to water, the watering or crying of your eyes is a natural response to a foreign object entering your eye, but Proclear lenses are accepted by your eyes and do not cause this biological response of eyes watering.

Many wearers of Proclear lenses confirm that they can be worn much longer than other lenses as the lenses won't dry out and make your eyes sore. Also with a higher water content than most other lenses, Proclears are very comfortable. For a comfortable coloured lens consider Focus Softcolors.

Coopervision Proclear are also known as Proclear Biocompatibles due to the special material they are made from which prevents your eyes from watering. If you suffer from very bad dry eyes or sore and irritated eyes, consider Proclear, while the water content is high in these lenses they shouldn't tear under normal use.