Sept Solution, Oxysept, Comfort, Disin Sept, AOsept Plus contact lens solution, disinfectant and neutralising tablets.

AMO Oxysept 1 Step contact lenses solution is manufactured with a lubricant which makes wearing lenses more comfortable and keeps your eyes fresh for longer. Containing no preservatives it's a safe choice with it's vitamin B12 indicator to tell you when it is time to use neutralising tablets. Oxysept is suitable for all soft contact lens.

Oxysept is available as a three month supply containing three, 300ml of solution and ninety neutralising tablets, and as a six month supply at a discounted price.

Sept Solution for contact lens disinfection, cleaning and neutralising.

Disin-sept supplied by Vision Direct in a 360ml bottle is designed for use in the Vision Direct 1 step and 2 step systems. Neutra-sept also supplied by Vision Direct is a 360ml bottle of solution for 1 step and 2 step systems.

AOsept Plus supplied by Ciba Vision uses a special neutraliser disk called AODisc instead of neutralising tablets. AOSept disinfects and neutralises your lenses removing protein deposits and dirt from all types of lenses. A three month supply of AOSept is available as three 250ml bottles and also includes three contact lens cases. A six month supply is also available at a greater discount. For coloured contact lenses look at these special offers.

Amo Oxysept 1 Step is an easy to use solution for soft contact lenses, Oxysept is a daily lens system which contains a lubricant in the solution that leaves your lenses feeling fresh and new. Being preservative free Amo Oxysept is designed for sensitive eyes, you won't get redness or sore eyes due to preservatives with Amo. An easy disinfection and neutralisation system which changes colour as it ages, so you know when its time to replace.

The Oxysept pack includes disinfecting solution, contact lens case and neutralising tablets.

As with all disinfecting solutions, don't put solution in your eyes, the neutralising agent makes the disinfecting solution inert, but it's still not safe. If you accidently put unneutralised disinfecting solution in your eyes, remove the lenses and rinse with water, and consult a healthcare professional. When wearing your lenses if you do suffer from sore or tired eyes use Murine eye drops.

Many users of Oxysept and Oxysept Comfort have been using the same brand of solution for many years. It's easy to use, just put your lenses in the supplied container, pour on the disinfecting solution and add a neutralising tablet. Many other contact lens solutions need the wearer to rinse the lenses, and adds another step in what should be a simple procedure.

The disinfecting solution turns pink when you put the neutralising tablet in, so you always know if you have neutralised your lenses or not, it's vital that you neutralise the solution before inserting your contacts. For other convenient lenses try Air Optix.

With Oxysept you can use a protein deposit remover once a week, this is in tablet form and is just added to the solution.

AMO Oxysept 2 is a disinfecting solution and neutraliser for contact lenses, the solution fights a wide range of bugs that might live on your lenses. AMO Oxysept 2 does come with a neutraliser, but it's also available separately if you run out of neutraliser before you run our of disinfectant solution.

Most contact lens solutions use hydrogen peroxide as the active disinfectant as it kills the bugs that might live on your lenses including Acanthamoeba, bacteria and fungal infections. For a coloured lens thats easy to care for use Focus Softcolors.

In tests Oxysept performed better than Clear Care Solution and is the only contact lens solution which lubricates your lenses for added comfort.

Oxysept 2 contains HPMC HydroxyPropyl Methylcellulose which is used to trap moisture on the surface of the lens for increased comfort. Neutralised Oxysept has the same properties as human tears and so your contacts are easier to fit.

After you soak your lenses in the disinfection solution and neutralise the hydrogen peroxide with neutralising tablets, you soak your lenses in a buffered saline solution before insertion. If the thought of cleaning and disinfecting lenses seems to difficult then Freshlook Colorblends would be a good colour lens to try.

If you have sensitive eyes, Oxysept is ideal, with no preservative in the solution you won't get sore eyes. For added safety a vitamin B12 indicator will change the colour of the solution so you know you have neutralised the solution before inserting your contacts.

AMO Oxysept 1 & 2 combined disinfecting solution and neutraliser used to be called Allergan Oxysept, but this has since changed its name to just AMO Oxysept. Each pack of Oxysept contains three, 300ml bottles of disinfecting solution, ninety 15ml rinsing solutions to be used each time and one lens case.

Oxysept 1 and 2 Step is also sold by Vision Direct and called Vision Direct 2 Step, this pack contains 360ml Disin Sept, 360ml Neutra Sept and a contact lens case. Vision Direct 2 step systems are designed for all soft contact lenses and are sold as a one month, three month and six month supply, with the six month offering a discounted price. Acuvue 2 Colors is a coloured contact lens that will save you from cleaning and disinfecting your lenses.

Vision Direct 1 Step includes two bottles of 360ml Disin Sept, ninety neutralising tablets and a contact lens case for mixing the solutions. 1 Step is available as a three month supply and as a cheaper six month supply.
Ciba Vision produce AOsept Plus which uses a neutraliser disk and no neutralising tablets, AOsept disinfects and neutralises as well as removing protein marks from your lenses. AOsept Plus works with all soft contact lenses and is suitable for sensitive eyes as it does not contain a preservative.

AOsept Plus comes in a 250ml solution and contact lens mixing case.

Peroxide based preservative solutions can cause contact lens discomfort even after neutralising, that's why AOsept is preservative free. One bottle systems are preferred for their ease of use. Long term use lenses are perfect for use with AOsept.

AOsept Plus uses hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean the lenses, the solution bubbles and these bubbles remove protein deposits from your lenses. In the pack is a neutralising disk contained within the lens case, this neutralises the hydrogen peroxide creating a sterile solution.

Allergan Oxysept 1 Step solutions are supplied in a 300ml bottle for thirty uses, one step systems are also known as monostep systems.

Not all contact lens wearers require a disinfecting and cleaning solution that removes protein deposits, ask your optician if you need a protein remover solution. Consider Frequency 55 if this all sounds too complicated.

One use the contact lens case supplied for cleaning your lenses, only clean soft contact lenses with AOSept 1 Step, don't clean hard or gas permeable lenses. If the pink neutralising tablets are discoloured then don't use them, they should be pink in colour.

The tablet should not be sticky or soft, this indicates a bad tablet which should not be used. With AOsept soak your lenses for six hours minimum, after sixty days throw away any opened and unused solution, and never rinse your lenses with tap water, always use solution.

Ciba Vision AOsept Plus contact lens solution does not require rubbing or extra rinsing of lenses, the solution cleans lenses which then feel very comfortable and fresh. To use simply fill the contact lens case with disinfecting solution and allow to soak for six hours. Soflens daily disposable lenses will free you from the need to clean and disinfect lenses.

AOsept is proven to cause less cornea staining and is not toxic. Use Ciba Vision Clear Care if you require a lubricating system.