Soflens Daily Disposable, Aspheric Optics, Soflens 66, Toric, One Day, MultiFocal and Natural Colors contact lenses.

Soflens Daily Disposable Aspheric lenses by Bausch & Lomb are daily disposable, each lens contains 59% water, these advanced contacts are specially designed for Aspheric use and provide clear vision even in low light levels such as dusk. The lenses are comfortable all day long, the newly designed contact lens material can be wetted for easier insertion.

Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb.

Soflens individual lens are supplied in a buffered saline solution or you can purchase ninety lenses in one box, or ninety pairs of one hundred and eighty lenses per box, one hundred and eighty pairs or three hundred and sixty lenses per box, two hundred and seventy pairs or five hundred and forty lenses in a box or three hundred and sixty or seven hundred and twenty lenses per box.

Bausch & Lomb Soflens daily disposable Aspheric optics can be purchased in large discount quantities of up to seven hundred and twenty contact lenses per box.

Soflens daily disposable lenses provide great comfort all day long thanks to the aspheric optic which provides enhanced vision in low light levels. Soflens 1-Day wearers can now try Soflens Dailies for the same comfort in a daily lens. For coloured contact lenses.

Soflens 66 Torics by Bausch & Lomb are a two weekly replacement lens, if you change your lenses more than once a month, your lenses are cleaner, if you haven't worn contact lenses before and suffer from astigmatism consider Soflens 66 Toric as your first choice.

Easy handling, great comfort and a cleaner two weekly lens are some of the reasons people choose Soflens 66.

Toric lenses are for people who have astigmatism, so called toric because of the torus shape of the contact lens, Soflens torics don't move around your eyes and stay where you want them, they are very comfortable and provide very good vision, also consider Proclear lenses.

These contacts are clear, sharp as well as comfortable, if you find dailies too much trouble then two weekly lenses might be a good choice for you. Many long term contact lens wearers recommend Soft lens 66 Toric, they fit perfectly and you won't feel them.

Don't wear lenses longer than recommended otherwise they will dry out and your eyes may get sore or vision reduced. If you are used to conventional contact lenses, buying one pair of lenses for the year, which is expensive and the lenses not very comfortable, consider Soflens toric, more comfortable and cheaper.

With Soflens two week replacement lenses you won't feel like you are wearing contacts, you vision will be clear and you won't notice your lenses. With these lenses you won't need Sept Solution.

Soflens 66 Toric is preferred by contact lens wearers due to the increased vision and comfort.

Soflens One Day is being replaced by Bausch & Lomb with Soflens Daily Disposable. However many suppliers will have plenty stocks of One Day.

Soflens One Day are daily disposable lenses, just throw them away at the end of every day, one day lenses have increased comfort, because every day you have a brand new pair of lenses. Soflens are cheap and easy to insert and remove.

Soflens One Day contain 70% water, making them a very comfortable contact lens, no cleaning is required, simply throw them away at the end of the day. A visible tint is built into the lens so you won't lose the lens or have trouble fitting or removing your contacts. The tint is only visible while handling the lens, there is no tint when viewing. Should your eyes get sore Murine eye drops will relieve the redness.

Many users have found that both Soflens One Day and it's replacement Soflens Daily Disposable are very comfortable lenses. Bausch & Lomb have lenses suitable for presbyopic as well as astigmatic conditions in their range of Soflens Multifocal, Comfort, 66 Toric and One Day.

Soflens 66 Toric are manufactured using the FormCast technique which corrects cylindrical vision complaints in a monthly disposable soft contact lens. Monthly lenses mean good eye health, greater comfort and no need for special care.

Soflens 66 have a special Performa surface finish which prevents protein building up on the contact lens, also high oxygen permeability which is the ability of air or oxygen to pass through the contact lens and reach the eye is very good, this keeps your eyes feeling fresh and not tired. For similar oxygen enhanced lenses Air Optix would be a good choice.

Soflens MultiFocal contacts also by Bausch & Lomb give the user great vision both close up and at a distance. The lenses use Natra Sight technology which seamlessly allows you to see close and distance and middle distances with ease. You can wear these lenses every day and just replace them once per month.

Soflens 59 from Bausch & Lomb has replaced Soflens Comfort lenses and is a direct replacement for comfort lenses. These lenses are comfortable, long wearing, protein deposit resistant and easy to handle, the contacts are supplied in a buffered saline solution and contain 41% hilafilcom B polymer and 59% water making them a very comfortable lens. Focus Softcolors would be a good choice for a coloured contact lens.
Multi Focal lenses from Soflens are easy to insert and remove and are supplied in a box of six disposable soft contacts.

Bausch & Lomb Soflens Natural Colors are coloured contact lenses with nine colours to choose from and are suitable for all eye colours, both light eyes and dark eyes. These lenses are recommended for dark eyes, the final look of all coloured lenses off course depends on the colour and strength of colour of your own eyes. These contacts are sold in packs of two lenses.

Soflens Toric contact lenses are for sufferers of astigmatism, the contact is very comfortable and has great vision. Bausch & Lomb Soflens Toric lenses are also sold as D&A Dolland & Aitchison SL 66 Toric contacts. The lenses are sold in packs of six each lens buffered in a saline solution. Freshlook Colorblends are a comfortable colour lens you might wish to try.

Soflens 66 is a long wearing comfort contact lens with protein deposit prevention and easy insertion and removal thanks to 66% water content. Bausch & Lomb have replaced Soflens 66 with Soflens 59 and Purevision.

Soflens Daily Disposable Aspheric contact lenses contain 59% water for extra comfort, the aspheric lenses provide sharp viewing especially in low light conditions, it's wettable surface provides added comfort, the lenses are sold individually in a buffered saline solution and are made of hilafilcon B polymer and 59% water. Consider Acuvue 2 Colors for a comfortable colour lens.

Soflens One Day are Bausch & Lombs one day disposable contact lens offering, cheap lens containing 70% water, with daily disposables you don't have to clean your lenses, simply replace them, each lens contains a visibility tint for easy insertion, buffered in a saline solution the contacts are made from 30% hilafilcon A polymer and 70% water. Soflens One Day has been replaced by Bausch & Lomb with Soflens Daily Disposable Aspheric Optics.